Why Sell to Pearlman’s

Pearlman’s has been operating as a brick and mortar store in the jewelry industry since 1930. We are also one of the oldest jewelry businesses on the internet, opening our first website in 1995 (almost since Al Gore invented it). If you Google Pearlman’s, Pearlman’s Jewelers or Bill Pearlman you will see we are one of the select businesses without negative complaints. We are top rated by the Better Business Bureau. You can also check us out at the Battle Creek, Michigan Chamber of Commerce.

You can find confidence in our 80+ years of being operated by the same family in the same location . Ours is not a name that has been sold over and over again. Since our inception during the Great Depression of the 30’s, Pearlman’s has helped people dispose of precious items, for whatever reason, in a quiet manner because we understand and respect our client’s privacy. Whether it’s asset allocation, estate division, profit lock-in, divorce, or just the need to raise cash, we are here to offer a fair and reputable transaction avenue for settling your needs.

What we are seeing

With precious metals and rare collectibles at all-time highs, we are seeing many new storefronts and web-based businesses pop up that are here today and gone tomorrow. Please use caution when you’re selling. Check out your local Better Business Bureau and Chamber of Commerce. They are here to assure you that you are dealing with reputable businesses.

Over the decades we have observed a variety of situations where individuals or groups need to dispose of or acquire precious metals or jewelry. Even in times of uncertainty, i.e. The Great Depression, the 1978-1982 recession, and the current recession, we have seen a major sell off of gold, silver, and other valuable items. And why not? These commodities are trading at all time high dollar values. Will they go higher or lower? Who knows? But if you feel now is the time to sell, then we are here to help.

Why Sell Old Jewelry to Pearlman's

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