Nox App Player Rolls Out Custom Android Emulator Development Service

Nox App Player Rolls Out Custom Android Emulator Development Service

Nox App Player, a Duodian Network product, has risen quickly to the top Android emulators’ list with its outstanding features and performance. Apart from focusing on providing the best free Android emulator experience for end users, it has recently rolled out the introduction and sign up a page for a new custom Android emulator development service for Android developers and game distributors.

What Custom Is Android Emulator Development?

Nox App Player for Windows is the very first in the industry to introduce this service. So, many of you may ask, what does it mean to order or create a custom Android emulator? To understand that, first you need to be familiar with Nox App Player’s function and features. According to their introduction page here: it gives you the option to change basic, start-up and property settings of Nox and then create a designated installer for you. Basic settings include renaming the emulator and choosing your own picture to display during the installation process and choosing the desktop icon of your preference. Unlike the official version which has a clean Android, you can pre-install your own app or game in the custom Android emulator. The initial settings section is more performance related — you can set a resolution and root function and whichever features you would like to include as shortcuts on the toolbar lingering to the right side of the main window. The last one, property settings, is more device related with selections such as developer info and mobile brand, IMEI and network etc.

Who would Need a Custom Android Emulator?

Now you get to know what custom Android emulator is, but who is it for? Do you need to get one? Well, for individual users, the official version of Nox App Player would serve most of your needs. The custom version is more for developers and game distributors. One thing to emphasize is that a problem you may have with the official version may not necessarily be resolved just because you ordered a custom version. However, for indie developers, game developers and distributors the custom Android emulator would be icing on the cake. For indie developers, you can create a custom Android emulator with desired parameters and connect it to development tools like Android studio for testing your app. For game distributors, now you can pre-install your game in the custom Android emulator and thus create a PC version for your game within a few clicks. Now you can reach new players who might not have the proper mobile device for the game but do own a decent laptop or desktop PC.

So, this is the brief introduction and assumed use of the custom Android emulator development service Nox App Player just rolled out.

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