How To Enter The Collectibles Market

How To Enter The Collectibles Market

Many investors who are sick of the stock market’s up and downs maybe attracted to the collectible markets’ stable and sometimes spectacular investment gains. Look around, anything could be a collectible, rare coin, stamps, vintage car, wine, guitar, art, you name it. If you focus on a niche, you could someday become an expert in that niche market and reap hefty gains. However, like stock market investment, please proceed with caution on your collectible market investment.

1. If you buy your collectibles from a retail dealer, remember, they always sell at market value and buy at a fraction of market value from sellers. So in order for you to gain 20% from your purchased collectibles, their values have to appreciate 100% or so.Your best chance to profit handsomely is to do your work by purchasing the items from someone who doesn’t appreciate the value of the item he or she is selling.

2. Do not put all your money into the market all at once. The reason is simple, unlike the stock market that is traded by millions of people each day, the collectibles’ values depend on a much smaller inactive buyer’s market, it is hard to reach true valuation in such a market, so proceed cautiously.

3. Do not chase hot collectible items, such as stamps, rare coins, etc. because if too much money already chasing it, it will be hard to find true bargains. Instead, discover your own niches.

4. When you try to discover your own niches, remember to find collectibles that you will enjoy every day rather than just investment value. For example, an art you can look at each day, a guitar you could play from time to time. So even your investment sours, you can still reap other benefits.



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