South African Krugerrand

The Krugerrand is 32.6 mm in diameter and 2.74 mm thick. The Krugerrands actual weight is 1.0909 troy ounces (33.93 g). It is minted from gold alloy that is 90% pure (22 karats), the coin contains one troy ounce (31.1035 g) of gold. The remaining coin’s weight (2.826 g) is copper (an alloy known historically as crown gold which has long been used for English gold sovereigns), which gives the Krugerrand a more orange appearance than silver-alloyed gold coins. The reverse depicts a springbok, one of the national symbols of South Africa. The image was designed by Coert Steynberg, and was previously used on the reverse of the earlier South African five shilling coin.

American Gold Eagle 1 troy oz

With an iconic design and 1 oz of U.S. Gold, the American Gold Eagle combines the best aspects of collectibility and bullion investment appeal, which has made it America’s preferred Gold coin.

American Buffalo 1 troy oz

The American Buffalo Gold Bullion Coin represents the convergence of timeless elegance in numismatic design and uncompromising quality in coinage production, the result of which is this one ounce coin made of pure .9999 fine gold. Like the U.S. dollar, gold bullion coins are welcome in major investment markets worldwide. Investment firms have for years considered pure, 24-karat (.9999) fine gold coins to be bullion eligible for U.S. Individual Retirement Accounts (IRAs).

Canadian Maple Leaf 1 troy oz

Early Maple Leaf bullion coins were minted at .999 purity, but in 1982 the Royal Canadian Mint went to the .9999 pure gold coin the standard to which it produces coins today. Each coin bears the .9999 purity stamp along with the date, the weight and the face value. The Canadian Maple Leaf is a legal tender gold coin a status that allows it to be used as currency and in debt settlements. The earlier issues with the .999 stamp trade at a discount to the later mintages.

The Kangaroo is a pure, legal-tender gold coin (.9999 fine) and comes in one-ounce (troy), half-ounce, quarter-ounce, tenth-ounce and twentieth-ounce sizes. The Kangaroo also comes uniquely in a kilo-sized gold coin weighing 32.15 ounces. The coins come in protective wrappers to protect the delicate pure gold surfaces. The obverse of the coin bears the portrait of Queen Elizabeth II of Great Britain. The coins are struck with their weight, the face value and the purity. All issues are struck by the Perth Mint and valued for their high-quality finish and artistic workmanship

Philharmonic is struck in pure, 24-karat gold. The obverse of the coin depicts the great organ in Vienna’s concert hall, home of the famed Vienna Philharmonic Orchestra. The obverse shows a harmonious medley of musical instruments — a string base, cellos, violins, a bassoon, harp and Viennese horn. The Philharmonic is minted in one-ounce (troy), half-ounce, quarter-ounce and one-tenth ounce sizes with successive face values of 100, 50, 25 and 10 euros respectively. Earlier mintages before the creation of the euro were denominated in schillings.

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